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Revamping the Website

Heyo, welcome to my new website!

Initially I used Google Sites as a quick solution to establishing myself on the web. However, I quickly realized how limiting it is to work with. The major pain point being poor search engine optimization (SEO) that I started looking for free alternatives.

In my search for a static site generator, I looked at what my peer Kival Evan used for their personal site. This led me to the Astro framework. Doing more research, I decided to start building my site using this framework eventually arriving on the Odyssey Theme by LittleSticks to use as a starting point.

Utilizing a template with little to no experience came with some challenges, but I got the hang of things fairly quickly. From there deploying the site was relatively straightforward thanks to the guides available on Astro’s site. If you happen to be using the Odyssey Theme, you would need to move all of the files in the theme folder to the top level of a repository if you want to deploy using GitHub or GitLab pages.

The end result result being this website you are reading from right now! I’m by no means an experienced web developer, but I hope to play around more in the future to see where things take me.